RECO Enterprises




RECO is a gem to work with. I trusted them – they had great references. I have no regrets. They did a great job and delivered my dental office building on time, on budget, and everything works. I felt comfortable with RECO because they had experience with dental office construction. I wasn’t worried about them putting anything in the wrong place.
— Marti Levinson, DDS
RECO Construction has built two high quality free-standing Urgent Care Centers for MedNOW since 2010. Our final costs were always at or below the estimated construction costs, and they stand behind their product. RECO recommended experienced architects and outside consultants who really understood the layout and space requirements needed to run a successful and efficient medical practice. Together, they delivered a clinic that was highly functional, visually attractive, and which met our expectations in every way.
— David W. Miller, M.D.
I have utilized the expertise of RECO for over 10 years. Three phrases come to mind when I think RECO: On time; within budget; consider it done.
— Dave Ortenburger
RECO; Jerry Reed have been customers of mine for approximately 20 years. I have financed numerous construction and real estate projects for them, and in every instance they handled their accounts as agreed with financial reporting in compliance. Each of the projects was completed in a timely manner and within budget.
— Ray B. Baumgarten
Over the course of the past fifteen years, RECO Enterprises has been the General Contractor for many projects where I was the Architect. On every project I have found RECO to be an effective team member. RECO is fair, honest and has the client’s best interest at heart. They produce a quality product, on time and in budget. Without reservation, I would recommend them.
— Rick Stuber
This letter is in reference to the outstanding job Reco Enterprise , performed on the construction of UTICADENTAL, a state of the art dental facility located at 1720 South Utica, Tulsa, Okla.
First, Reco Enterprise has a first rate reputation throughout this part of the state for quality construction and for remodeling existing sites. I chose Reco because they have constructed more dental facilities than anyone in Oklahoma and I wanted a proven winner and not the chance to help someone learn on my site.

Second, Reco Enterprise has genuinely honest and dependable staff that helped me through the 9 month construction time. They were always a phone call or text away from helping at a moment’s notice. When the project was complete we all had a really big laugh because I had a reputation for being demanding and unreasonable about getting the very best results...... seems we were just a great fit and they were just as please as I was. That made all of us happy!

Third, Friendships were formed that are worth a fortune in themselves. The team at Reco has a huge heart for Tulsa and the beautiful spaces they have remodeled and the fabulous buildings they have created. People are honestly shocked at the facility that Reco created for my staff and I to work in, and for thousands of wonderful patients to enjoy.....

Thank You Jerry, and the whole Team at Reco Enterprise.
— Dr. Mike and Becky Hinkle